Beyond Nostalgia: The Timeless Elegance of Mad Men Lamps


The television series Mad Men took audiences back to the 1960s in the USA, a time when the world was a very different place. From fashion to interior design, the show captured the essence of an era where elegance and style were coveted, but what always stood out were the stunning lamps featured throughout the show. What made them such iconic pieces of design and why are they still relevant today? In this article, we explore the timeless elegance of Mad Men lamps.

A Look at the Iconic Designs

The lamps featured on Mad Men were chosen by the show’s production designer, Dan Bishop. He had a keen eye for detail and was set on showcasing the best of the era’s design. Many of the lamps he chose were from the mid-century modern movement, which was characterized by a focus on functionality, clean lines, and organic forms.

Mostly made of metals, such as brass and chrome, these lamps were designed to complement the minimalist interiors that were popular at the time. The overarching theme of these lamps was one of simplicity and elegance. Even the most complex designs maintained an element of understated sophistication.

One of the most iconic lamps featured on the show was the brass Machined Torch Lamp, which was designed by Gerald Thurston for Lightolier. The lamp’s sleek design, with its elongated cone-like shape, stood out in any scene it was featured in. Other lamps, like the Grasshopper Floor Lamp and the AJ Floor Lamp, were equally memorable thanks to their unique shapes and robust construction.

Why Are They Still Relevant Today?

The lamps’ classic designs are evidence of a time when people valued quality over quantity. They were made to stand the test of time and were not designed to be disposable consumer products. Their timeless appeal is due to their simple yet functional design, which fits seamlessly into any modern home.

Many of the lamps used on the show were designed by some of the biggest names in lighting design history, such as Arne Jacobsen and George Nelson. This history and pedigree add to the lamps’ popularity and help to explain why they are still in-demand today.

In addition to their visual appeal, Mad Men lamps were well made and built to last. They are of superior quality in comparison to many contemporary designer lamps. They offer a rare combination of aesthetics and workmanship, which has been lost in the mass-produced goods of today.

Where to Buy Them

As demand for these lamps has grown, so too has the market for their sale. There are various specialty stores, online sites, and auction houses where one can buy these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Sites that Sell Mad Men Lamps

  • A+R Store
  • Furnish Me Vintage

Auction Houses that Sell Mad Men Lamps

  • Christie’s
  • Sotheby’s
  • Heritage Auctions

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