Style by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson’s “happy, vintage-inspired” aesthetic has drawn many a devoted reader to her bright corner of the internet. Her blog, Style by Emily Henderson, chronicles her ongoing design projects—and biggest DIY mistakes—alongside musings on fashion, life, and everything in between.

Emily’s blog is a virtual design bible, an inspiring resource for readers who want to bring her take on California cool into their own homes. She’s mastered the art of seamlessly switching between Scandi-inspired and maximalist interiors.

She shares her best design tips and tricks on the blog, including how to make a space feel more personal and approachable for every person. She even styles a living room in real time, so you can see how her signature look transforms a cluttered space into one that’s instantly appealing.

Her design process is simple but impactful: she finds inspiration in her surroundings and translates it into an inviting and functional space. The results are beautiful and, most importantly, incredibly comfortable to live in.

When she’s not working on her blog or designing her own pieces, Emily is a seasoned art director. She has a background in graphic design and illustration, specializing in children’s media, packaging, and pattern design.

She loves creating visual experiences that are centered around color, texture, and movement, and strives to capture the spirit of her subjects in each piece she creates. She often works with a combination of digital and traditional techniques, and is always striving to create work that will make people smile.

On the road to success, there have been moments of frustration, fear, and uncertainty, but Emily has never lost her love for art. She’s constantly pushing herself and pursuing her dream of sharing her works with the world.

In addition to her work as an illustrator, Emily also serves as an art instructor at the University of Sussex. She focuses on fostering creativity and encourages her students to embrace the power of the human mind to create their own unique vision of the world.

Her work reflects a desire to explore the connections between art and the psyche, instilling hope and optimism in her viewers. Her illustrations are characterized by colour, texture, and the loose brushwork she uses to draw her characters.

From bold color and clashing patterns to unexpected compositions, her work exudes a sense of playfulness that’s sure to leave you smiling. Her collection of oversized earrings, for example, is a perfect gift for any designer who adores her work or is looking to add a little bit of fun to their wardrobe.

As a stylist, Emily has worked with some of the most influential clients in the fashion industry. Her work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, InStyle, and House Beautiful.

She’s also an expert at making her clients’ homes feel like their own personal paradises, using her trademark vintage-inspired and approachable design style to create rooms that are welcoming, timeless, and perfectly tailored for each person.