Mantis Light Fixture, SeaBlaze Quattro, and Mantis Floor Lamps

mantis light fixture

The Mantis light fixture features a crate-like, flexible steel arm and a steel lampshade that produces focused task light. This versatile and elegant lighting fixture is suitable for installation in modern homes. It is available in a variety of finishes and features an easy installation process. The Mantis pendant light is also suitable for use in commercial applications.

Globe glass pendant light

The Mantis Light Fixture is a geometrical piece of lighting that comes in different shapes and sizes. The elongated central rod and clear glass shade add a striking accent to the space. The light is suspended from an adjustable cable, which is covered in a gold finish. The fixture features a warm, diffused glow and comes with an adjustable cable for the light source.

SeaBlaze Quattro underwater lighting technology

Lumitec’s SeaBlaze Quattro is the latest innovation in underwater lighting. This new light is made from marine grade bronze and has 2000 lumens of brightness. It features a multi-mode output and a seal that isolates it from metallic mounting surfaces. It is ideal for use with accessory brackets.

Lumitec’s Mantis dock light kit leverages cutting-edge Quattro underwater lighting technology. The Mantis Dock Light includes all of the necessary components for a secure installation, including a Zip-Mount universal mounting system. Made from marine grade bronze, this light system also features heat-tempered glass and a 25′ submersible heavy-duty cable. It can be installed in a single step and requires no complicated conduit or electrical connections.

SeaBlaze Quattro is available in two color spectrums, white and multi-color. It is compatible with previous SeaBlaze3 series, and offers 2000+ lumens of illumination. This fixture is waterproof and uses less energy than other LED underwater lighting.

Elegant design

The Mantis light fixture is an elegant addition to your home. Designed by Bernard Schottlander, this ceiling light features a crouching conical shade and a frame made of sturdy Aluminium/Carbon Steel. It rotates to direct light through the conical shade. The Mantis is available in a variety of elegant colors.

The Mantis lamp features a 3-stage dimming feature and touch control. The sculpted design is highly functional and pairs well with most home decor styles. A heavy, weighted base keeps this fixture secure and safe for children. Whether your lighting needs are low or high, the Mantis is a unique choice for your space.

Functional movement

Mantis floor lamps are a great addition to any home and can help elevate a space. They are often made of wood, walnut, or metal. They are a timeless classic that date back to the early 20th century. Many people associate mantis light fixtures with the Scandinavian Modern style. Manufacturers such as Rispal Lighting and Luxus have produced a variety of mantis floor lamps.