Atollo Bedside Lamp

atollo bedside lamp

The Atollo bedside lamp is an iconic design and a worldwide sensation, both for its creator and its concision. It is an icon that is instantly recognizable in any thematic section of the modern interior design industry. In fact, it has received several design awards and recognitions. Its concision and compact format make it easy to understand why it has achieved worldwide fame.


The Atollo bedside lamp has a distinguished reputation not only because of its designer, but also because of its iconic character. Its design is immediately recognizable and can fit in any thematic segment of the modern interior design world. Awarded multiple times, the Atollo lamp has been a favorite among consumers and professionals alike. The concision of its form and character is the main reason why it has gained such widespread popularity.

The Oluce Atollo is made from mouth-blown Murano glass and floats on a round base. It is designed by Vico Magistretti and won the Compasso d’Oro in 1979. It features a translucent satin white glass diffuser that casts warm, diffused light.

Vico Magistretti

The Atollo lamp is famous not only for its designer but also for its structure. Its unique character and iconic structure are recognizable in every thematic section of the modern interior design industry. It has won numerous awards and is widely regarded as a classic creation. The concision of its character and format makes it so popular and enduring.

Vico Magistretti is one of the greatest Italian designers of the 20th century. He designed a number of iconic Oluce lamps and the venerable Atollo Bedside Lamp. This lamp measures 50 cm in diameter and 73 cm in height. It has a slight amount of wear consistent with age, including scratches on the metal base. Despite its unusual shape, this lamp is a great addition to any home decor.

Oluce bedside lamp

If you’re looking for a unique, stylish bedside lamp, the Oluce bedside lamp is the perfect option. The sleek and modern design of this Italian lamp is reminiscent of a 1950s model by Ostuni & Forti. Its streamlined cylindrical form is accented by a satin gold tige, and the base and handle are black.

The brand, which was founded in 1945, specializes in modern lighting for the home and office. The company’s designs have become iconic, evoking a timeless aesthetic. Its designs communicate across generations, becoming an integral part of home d├ęcor. Its extensive catalog of lighting products also includes Made in Italy attention and lighting technology. The company also specializes in contract design and is one of the oldest lighting companies in Italy.

Atollo table lamp

The Atollo table lamp has an unmistakable character and format, which has earned it global recognition. This lamp is an iconic structure that is instantly recognizable in any thematic section of modern interior design. It has won numerous awards and is a highly sought-after product. The concision of its character and format has contributed to its fame and popularity.

The Atollo Table Lamp has a distinctive design that blends a cylindrical base with a conical shade. The lamp is a timeless creation that rests beautifully on a table in a living room, bedroom, den, or porch. The white interior of the lamp casts a subtle, muted glow that can be adjusted with the use of a dimmer.

Its design

The Atollo bedside lamp has a design that is iconic and timeless, as well as minimalist. This sleek and stylish lamp is inspired by Vico Magistretti’s iconic design, which won the Compasso d’Oro award in 1979. Known for its soft light source, geometric collocation and simple yet effective design, this lamp has been a staple of Italian design for decades.

Its minimalist form and striking color scheme make it a beautiful addition to any bedroom. Its foldable construction allows for easy storage and is ideal for reading in bed. This lamp’s shape is reminiscent of an origami paper crane, and its flexible design allows for extensive adjustment, making it perfect for accent lighting in a hallway or near a desk or other furniture piece. In addition, its industrial-style design with a bold red knob makes it a great choice for a bedroom.

Its history

The Atollo lamp was designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977. It is one of the most important and iconic lamps of the modern era. Despite its simple aesthetics, the Atollo lamp is sculptural, elegant, and extremely versatile. It is regarded as the new archetypal table lamp and has influenced many contemporary lamp designs. Its simple, yet sophisticated design makes it a rare find in modern home interiors.

The Atollo lamp is a beautiful example of modern Italian design. Its geometric shapes make it an icon of Italian design. It is available in three different sizes and finishes, and it offers direct and diffused light. The lamp has a blown Murano glass diffuser and a universal dimmer.

Its materials

A legendary lighting design, the Atollo bedside lamp consists of three forms that seem to hover over a cylindrical base. It was designed by Vico Magistretti, an architect and industrial designer. Born in Milan, Magistretti studied architecture during the World War II and went on to work for many prestigious design companies.

This unique table lamp was designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977 and won the Compasso d’Oro in 1979. Its geometric forms are both decorative and functional and have a distinct, modern look. Made of metal, opal glass, or white metal, the Atollo is available in three sizes and four finishes, all of which provide the appropriate lighting.