6 Trends in Living Room Design for 2023

The traditional living room design is often quite satisfactory. Most people pursue the so-called standard design, so that “TV + sofa + coffee table”, the old three items that have remained unchanged for thousands of years, become the absolute protagonists of the living room. However, with the change of lifestyle, this fixed collocation has long been no longer suitable for the diverse living needs of young people. In fact, any good design is “people-oriented”.

In order to make the living room a space that truly meets their own needs, many people have begun to boldly break the rigid thinking and frequently come up with coups in space design. Below, we will share a very forward-looking 2022 living room design trend, I hope you can get some inspiration from it.

Open is still the same theme

Compared with the previously fragmented functional area design, the open space with various patterns will continue to be popular in 2021, creating a different style of mansion for the home.

It can be said that except for the bedroom and bathroom, everything else that can be opened has been opened!

And the most fashionable space layout in recent years is the integration of guest dining and kitchen. Some even include study, office area and even play area to maximize the extension of sight and enhance family communication. At first glance, it seems like living in a big villa.

In this way, the open space not only creates a feeling of space expansion, but also brings unexpected comfort and pleasure to the occupants. Of course, the troublesome lampblack problem may also become a problem for many people.

So how to avoid the drawbacks brought by open design? We can choose a range hood with super suction, and then use the glass sliding door, bar counter, island table or furniture partition to block it, and we can easily sweep the “oily area”, which greatly reduces the troubles caused by the open kitchen.

With the blessing of large-area glass windows, the lighting and air circulation in the living room are improved, and the sense of space is stronger, which naturally greatly improves the transparency of the home and brings a better living experience.

Furniture selection and placement

The traditional furniture placement model, because it is too rigid and adheres to the standard, is gradually out!

Most of today’s young people are free and unrestrained, especially the living room as a leisure area, because it carries various needs such as rest, chat, entertainment, hospitality, etc., there are not so many restrictions, let alone how to be comfortable. !

Regarding the placement of furniture in the living room, the new trend in 2022 should be to put aside traditional thinking and pursue more freedom and casualness. Under the current situation of the explosion of small units, choosing furniture with simple, low and small size can make the space look less crowded, so it is very popular in the market.

The traditional sofa shape, placement, combination, etc. also unlock different postures.

People will no longer be entangled in a few-seat sofa, but choose a unique single-seat sofa, seat or ottoman as a supplement, sitting and lying more freely, inadvertently creating a new highlight for the living room.

TV background wall is further weakened

In the past, people were accustomed to using the TV wall as the “main event” of the living room, doing their best to decorate; but nowadays, the main decoration force is mostly concentrated in the post-80s and post-90s, and the just-needed function of TV has also become more and more with the impact of the Internet. It is getting weaker and weaker, and the frequency of use is significantly reduced.

Therefore, the TV that was once “stable as Mount Tai” has become a “chicken rib” display. So in that case, why bother to work hard on the TV wall?

The popularity of simplicity nowadays has created a more comfortable and high-quality lifestyle for people. Reflecting this trend in the decoration of the background wall is definitely one of the hotspots for home improvement in 2022.

A simple and atmospheric TV background wall, because it abandons all complicated decorations, restores the purest visual concept for the space, thereby leaving more space and possibilities for living room activities.

Practical storage TV wall

As mentioned earlier, since the simplified design of the TV wall is popular, is it unexpected to give up its beauty completely?

of course not.

In order to avoid the monotony of the TV wall, the practical storage TV wall has become the first choice for many fashionable families and small units because of its simple shape and strong sense of hierarchy, and it will not occupy the original space of the living room.

For the whole home design, this kind of TV wall that integrates beauty and function not only keeps the space clean and tidy as much as possible, but also can play the role of auxiliary storage or display, making the overall feeling stronger.

The embedded storage design integrates two modes of open and closed, so that the wall is no longer messy.

The TV wall that takes into account the role of partition makes the space expression more full. There are partitions on both sides of the TV, which can not only store and partition, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Home library

What should I do if there is no independent space at home as a study?

Now a popular concept of home improvement, called “home library”. It refers to the clever use of blank walls to embed the entire bookshelf into the wall, thereby creating a “magnificent” home reading area and injecting a strong scholarly atmosphere into the space.

Generally speaking, the bookcase on the whole wall can be combined with the TV, or it can be placed on the wall behind the sofa. It not only has the function of extending the line of sight, but also has a good storage and decoration effect.

Family core

In 2022, the concept of the “family core” may be mentioned repeatedly.

Its main significance is to break through the immutable design and make the functions of the living room more diversified.

The family stays in the same area, doing what they like, not only does not interfere with each other, but also increases mutual interaction and communication, thereby redefining our way of life.

The core area is the most common place for family members. Whether it is a family with children, a socialist, a “head-down party” or a SOHO who works from home, they can find a better way to get along with their family and friends in various open designs. many possibilities.

The above several living room design schemes can be presented individually or combined and matched. There are too many innovative ideas, no matter which one can make your home say goodbye to the same design.

If you’re stylish and bold enough, give your living room a new look with this 2022 trend analysis!

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