Lampe Bois Flotté: Embracing the Beauty of Nature Through Artful Lighting

The Inspiration Behind Lampe Bois Flotté

Wood drifts along the shore of waters, being shaped and carved by the elements of nature. This beauty captured the imagination of French artist, Marion Janin, and inspired her to create her unique collection of wooden lamps, called Lampe Bois Flotté. Janin’s collection is a testament to her passion for nature and the peacefulness it brings along with it.

Janin’s Artistic Vision

Janin is an artist who derives inspiration from the power of nature. Being close to nature brings Janin into a zone of tranquility, and it is this mood which she tries to capture in her Lampe Bois Flotté pieces. She takes natural driftwoods from the seashore and other water sources and refashions them into lighting. A Lampe Bois Flotté lamp brings a sense of organic warmth into a room, reminiscent of the beautifully rugged shorelines where Janin finds her original materials.

The Making Process of the Lampe Bois Flotté Lamps

Janin handcrafts her lamps from driftwood collected from various water bodies. The initial stage involves identifying the perfect driftwood pieces of varying sizes and shapes, which will be used in the lamp creation. Next, Janin cleans and brushes the wood and sculpts the pieces into the shape that she envisages in her mind’s eye. The essential aspect of the creation process is the recycling of waste or thrown-out pieces of driftwood, much of which Janin finds along beaches nearby her home in Brittany, France. The project represents her being environmentally conscious and using her talent to minimize wastage while being passionate about her art.

The Beauty of Lampe Bois Flotté Lamps

A completed Lampe Bois Flotté lamp is an artwork in itself, surpassing mere light provision. These lamps possess a minimalist elegance, characterized through their simplicity and the subtle combination of various natural elements, such as sea glass, rope, and driftwood. Each piece Janin creates is unique as no two pieces of driftwood are identical. The result is an array of lamps with subtle variations in shape, size, and texture.

Applications of Lampe Bois Flotté Lamps

Interior Design

Lampe Bois Flotté lamps are elegant additions to any room, as their unique materials possess contrasting and harmonious tones that can bring calm and relaxation. The lamps’ minimalist style lends well to modern designs, while the natural shapes and textures will complement any existing interior décor with its aesthetic appeal.


Photographers could also use Lampe Bois Flotté lamps as props to provide a soft, organic lighting element for photoshoots. The lamps’ natural character is perfect to give a natural, outdoorsy feel indoors, and the unique driftwood textures and shapes can provide a contrast and interest within portraiture or still life shoots.


Lampe Bois Flotté lamps are artwork pieces in their own right and could be the centrepiece of an exhibition. Their use of natural elements and minimalistic designs could complement other work pieces and provide an atmosphere that ties the exhibits together while acting as a standalone work of art.

The Future of Lampe Bois Flotté Lamps

Lampe Bois Flotté lamps are environmentally conscious and unique, offering an exquisite minimalist aesthetic that draws upon the beauty of natural materials found throughout the world’s oceans. They are artful yet functional, offering a sense of organic calm to any room. As more and more individuals seek to balance relaxing interiors with a sense of environmental responsibility, Janin’s imaginative and creative ‘Lampe Bois Flotté’ collection is set to capture the imaginations of even more people worldwide.

Lampe Bois Flotté offers Philippe Starck’s view of design, which espouses that a design’s quality is achieved when it can serve more than just an aesthetic purpose, leading to better surroundings, lifestyles, and sets of expectations. The artful expression ignited when working with strange and unlikely materials is an irresistible journey worth undertaking, and that’s precisely what Marion Janin does with her Lampe Bois Flotté collection.

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