A Review of the Kitchen Queen Convection Stove

kitchen queen

If you’re looking for a natural heat convection stove, you may want to check out the Kitchen Queen Cook Stove. It’s built to last and is airtight so creosote won’t build up. The firebox is built with heavy gauge steel, and the stove has coils for hooking it up to a remote storage tank. This natural heating system can heat up to 2500 square feet.

Kitchen Queen also offers an option to install a water reservoir, which is a great option for everyday use. The reservoir can hold up to 17 or 24 gallons of water, and is a great way to ensure you have plenty of water on hand. There’s also a spigot, plug, and fittings included in the kit. In addition, it’s recommended that you use the system on a daily basis. You can even install the 380 Water Coil, which is designed to convert cold water to hot water, without any moving parts.