Illuminate Your Art and Décor with Picture Lights


Picture lights are an essential component of effective art lighting. They help to illuminate your artwork and add a dramatic touch to your décor. Picture lighting comes in various styles and designs, and choosing the right type of picture light can make all the difference in enhancing your art and décor. In this article, we’ll share all you need to know about picture lights, how to choose the right one and how to install them.

Why picture lights matter?

Picture lights can transform your home into a gallery-like setting. They can highlight your artwork, create a stunning focal point in any room, and bring out the true colors of your paintings. If you don’t have the right kind of picture light, you risk casting unflattering shadows on your artwork, making it dull or unnoticeable.

Choosing the right type of picture light

When it comes to choosing the right picture light, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips for selecting the right type of picture light for your artwork:


Consider the size of your artwork when choosing picture lights. You wouldn’t want to use a big picture light for a small piece of artwork, as it could overshadow the painting. Similarly, a small-sized picture light on a large artwork wouldn’t suffice. Ensuring that the size of the picture light matches that of the artwork is crucial to achieving effective lighting.

Color temperature

The color temperature of the picture light is another factor to consider. The color that you choose should complement your artwork and highlight the colors in your painting. For example, if your artwork features warm colors, you might want to consider a warm white picture light.

Type of mounting

Picture lights come in two different types of mounting, direct mounting, and remote. Direct-mount lights are secured to the frame of the artwork, while remote lights are installed on the wall and reflect the light onto the artwork. It is important to consider the type of mounting when purchasing picture lights.

How to install picture lights

After you’ve chosen the right picture light, it is time to learn how to install it. There are two common types of picture light installation: plug-in and hardwired.

Plug-in installation

Plug-in installation involves connecting the picture light to an outlet using a plug. It is an easy installation process that requires no electrical expertise. To install a plug-in picture light, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the appropriate height for the installation and mark the wall accordingly
  2. Secure the bracket or mounting plate and attach the picture light using screws
  3. Plug in the picture light to the outlet and turn it on

Hardwired installation

Hardwired picture light installation involves connecting the light directly to the house’s electrical system. It requires some electrical experience and can be more costly than plug-in installation. Here are the steps for hardwired installation:

  1. Turn off the electricity at the breaker box to avoid accidents
  2. Choose the height for the installation and mark the wall accordingly
  3. Attach the mounting bracket using screws and install a junction box by following the manufacturer’s instructions
  4. Attach the wires of the picture light to the wires of the junction box, then mount the picture light
  5. Turn on the power and test the lights to ensure they’re functioning correctly

Picture lights are a great way to showcase your artwork and enhance your décor. The right type of picture light can make your artwork more vibrant and noticeable. When choosing picture lights, consider the size, color temperature, and type of mounting to ensure that it matches your artwork and works well with your home’s interior decor. Installation of picture lights is also easy and can be done either through plug-in or hardwired installation. With picture lights, you can turn your home into a gallery and showcase your art beautifully.

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