Illuminating Your Space with Brass Candle Sconces


Brass candle sconces have been a symbol of elegance and sophistication for centuries. These beautiful wall fixtures not only provide a source of light but are also a decorative piece that adds character to any room. Whether you are looking for a vintage or modern look, brass candle sconces are perfect for any home décor.

History of Brass Candle Sconces:

Brass candle sconces have a long history, dating back to the medieval times when they were mainly used in castles and churches. They were often made of iron or bronze and were used to light up corridors and entryways. With the advent of electricity in the 20th century, the use of these sconces declined but the beauty and elegance associated with them endured. In recent times, brass candle sconces have made a comeback, becoming a popular choice for modern, rustic and vintage décor.

Types of Brass Candle Sconces:

There are several types of brass candle sconces that you can choose from to fit your décor style. The most commonly found ones are:

Flat Arm Sconces:

Flat arm sconces have a straight brass arm extending from the wall plate. They are simple and elegant and work best in small spaces like hallways or bathrooms.

Curved Arm Sconces:

Curved arm sconces have a more decorative feel and come in various shapes and sizes. They are perfect for living rooms or dining rooms.

Candelabra Sconces:

Candelabra sconces have several candle holders and can be quite ornate. They work best in large spaces like entryways or foyers.

How to Use Brass Candle Sconces in Your Home:

Brass candle sconces are a versatile décor piece that can be used in a variety of ways in your home. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Add a pair of candelabra sconces to your entryway to create a grand entry or use flat arm sconces to light up a narrow hallway.

Dining Room:

Create a cozy dining experience by hanging curved arm sconces on the wall behind the dining table.

Living Room:

Use flat arm sconces to light up dark corners of your living room or add candelabra sconces to create a dramatic effect.


Add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom by hanging a pair of flat arm sconces on either side of the vanity mirror.

Maintenance and Care:

To keep your brass candle sconces looking their best, clean them regularly with a soft cloth and brass cleaner. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that can damage the brass finish.

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