Shining Bright: Exploring the World of Cool Light Design


Lighting plays a crucial role in the ambience of a space. A well-designed lighting system can accentuate the architecture of a building, highlight important features or artworks, and create a desirable mood for the space. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend towards cool light design. This article delves into the concept of cool light design, its importance, and some of the amazing designs that have emerged from this trend.

What exactly is cool light design?

Cool light design refers to the use of neon or LED lighting systems that produce a blue or green-hued light. These lights are often used to create an ambient, futuristic, or even downright funky look for a space. The beauty of cool light design is in its flexibility- it can be used to create a broad range of looks, from a sleek modern office setup, to a vibrant nightclub atmosphere.

Why is cool light design important?

Light plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere of a space. Many studies have shown that the right kind of light can affect our moods and emotions, and even our physical health. Cool light design is an innovative way to create a particular mood or atmosphere within a space. It can be used to enhance specific areas, spotlight key features or create a particular ambiance.

Examples of cool light designs

There are a plethora of cool light designs that have emerged in recent years. Here are some of our favorites:

Nightclub lighting design

Cool, neon-colored lighting plays a significant role in creating the ambiance of nightclubs. Clubs such as Hakkasan, XS Nightclub, and Marquee create an enchanting atmosphere using a combination of LED strips, neon lights, and hidden light sources. The cool lighting creates an electric space that’s full of energy, and an unforgettable experience.

Office lighting design

A well-designed light system is essential in a working space. A good office lighting system should provide ample lighting for the staff to work efficiently and have a comfortable workplace. Cool light design is a fantastic way to create a more modern look for an office space. It can be used to highlight specific areas, such as meeting rooms, and create a distinct ambiance.

Outdoor light installments

Cool light design is not limited to indoor spaces. Artist such as Bruce Munro are creating outdoor light installations that are both beautiful and functional. His piece “Field of Light” comprises over 50,000 glowing spheres, each lit up by fiber optics. The installation has been shown in a variety of stunning outdoor locations such as Remembrance Day 100-year anniversary at Uluru in Australia.

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